My success story for pictures, calendar, contacts and email sync

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at
Sat Oct 5 21:13:19 UTC 2013

Le mercredi 02 octobre 2013 à 07:58 -0400, Fabián Rodríguez a écrit :
> Hello
> Among the components I had not been able to replace until now on Android
> were the calendar, addressbook and pictures sync to my own server.

> So far I haven't found free open source CardDav/Caldav clients that
> worked in Android - not even paid ones were without important bugs.

Then I don't understand: how is that a success story? There is a caldav
client in F-Droid that nearly works well, but no carddav AFAIK.

> I tested the last 5 versions of so of OwnCloud with terrible results:
> very involved configuration, data corruption and files sync conflicts
> were common.

I'm now using Owncloud for calendar/contacts sync (and a bit of files
sharing) and it really works well for me, except that it's slow as hell
on my 1.2Ghz Dreamplug. Anyway, it gets the job done and has a nice web

> If there any suggestions to other similar solutions, I'd like to hear
> them. I thought I'd share this here as using Android w/o Google Play and
> its accompanying services (othe rGoogle Apps including account services,
> Addressbook sync + calendar) seems to be an important dependency when
> wanting to leave such ecosystem.

It is currently on out Tasks list to write and integrate good
replacements for Carddav and Caldav, given that there is already
server-side free software available.

If someone could get their hands dirty there and get the job done, it'd
be one thing less to worry about. It's probably not very hard as they
must already be reliable java libraries to do the core work.

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