Samsung Galaxy S3

Pablo Laguna laguna.sanchez at
Sat Oct 5 23:56:38 UTC 2013

Thanks everybody. I understand and I agree. I'm starting in the free software, then sorry for the obvious questions (and sorry for my english, I'm spanish and I don't know very well).

> El 05/10/2013, a las 23:17, Paul Kocialkowski <paulk at> escribió:
>> Le vendredi 04 octobre 2013 à 20:37 +0200, Pablo Laguna a écrit :
>> I've just installed Replicant and I've detected some important errors:
>> - Wi-Fi not work
>> - Bluetooth not work
> The error is that the manufacturers of these chips didn't think it was
> important to release their firmwares as free software. Since these
> firmwares are loaded and non-free, they are not distributed with
> Replicant. See the ReplicantStatus page of the wiki.
> This is an *expected* behavior, not an error, and I'm definitely not
> going to give instructions on how to push the firmwares here.
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