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Paul Kocialkowski paulk at
Sun Oct 6 08:54:31 UTC 2013

Le dimanche 06 octobre 2013 à 08:34 +1100, Jethro Carr a écrit :
> I've been using aCal for some time ( which
> is a GPLv3 licensed application.
> It's written by the author of DaviCal ( and does
> a pretty good job of CalDav calendaring. It's not perfect - lacks a
> couple of features and the UI is sometimes a bit questionable, but
> generally it's good enough for my day-to-day usage.

What I was referring to is a calendar provider, which provides events to
the Android Calendar app. This is much better than using aCal which has
its own (ugly and not well integrated with the rest of the system)

> Personally having integration into the stock calender application would
> be nice, but I'll settle for add-on applications, if it makes it faster
> to get to a free software client & server-side contacts and calendering
> solution.

There is a calendar provider that works with the Android Calendar in
F-Droid. I don't remember its name though. It works most of the time,
but it also forgets events from time to time, which is a bit

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