Which phone should I buy for running Replicant?

Andres a75576 at alumni.tecnun.es
Sun Oct 6 13:16:34 UTC 2013

Paul Kocialkowski <paulk at paulk.fr> escribió:
>Le samedi 05 octobre 2013 à 23:07 +0100, Andres a écrit :
>> Is it possible to buy a wifi chip that works with repicant and
>> retrofit it on the samsung galaxy 2? Even if you can't really close
>> the back panel again properly? I seem to recall dismantelling an HTC
>> and it had a component that basically was a wifi card?If that is the
>> case you could buy the phone remove the bad wifi chip add the good
>> wifi chip. Try to 3D print a new case (I tried and failed, but that
>> was 8 years ago). ¿?
>What would work in theory is to use an ath9k_htc usb dongle through USB
>host since it's one of the very few chips known to have a free
>Then you'd need to build the module in the replicant kernel and make it
>be the default wifi module instead of the bcm one. That involves
>rebuilding an image of Replicant.
>There is no way you're going to succeed at replacing the chip that is
>already there by ath9k_htc.

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