My success story for pictures, calendar, contacts and email sync

Fabián Rodríguez magicfab at
Sun Oct 6 14:05:05 UTC 2013

Le 2013-10-05 23:13, Paul Kocialkowski a écrit :
> Le mercredi 02 octobre 2013 à 07:58 -0400, Fabián Rodríguez a écrit :
>> Hello
>> Among the components I had not been able to replace until now on Android
>> were the calendar, addressbook and pictures sync to my own server.
>> So far I haven't found free open source CardDav/Caldav clients that
>> worked in Android - not even paid ones were without important bugs.
> Then I don't understand: how is that a success story? There is a caldav
> client in F-Droid that nearly works well, but no carddav AFAIK.

"Nearly" doesn't cut it. The success is in using a calendar provider
that works perfectly with ActiveSync *so far* and is 100% free open
source on the server side, while also making the data available to
CalDav/CardDav/xDav which I would prefer, and packaged for Debian (just

>> I tested the last 5 versions of so of OwnCloud with terrible results:
>> very involved configuration, data corruption and files sync conflicts
>> were common.
> I'm now using Owncloud for calendar/contacts sync (and a bit of files
> sharing) and it really works well for me, except that it's slow as hell
> on my 1.2Ghz Dreamplug. Anyway, it gets the job done and has a nice web
> interface.

Perhaps we use it differently? I deal with several users, sharing, and
using both the web interfaces and carddav/caldav.

I gave up on reporting bugs, unfortunately filing bug reports on that
project hasn't been very useful. Here's an example:

>> If there any suggestions to other similar solutions, I'd like to hear
>> them. I thought I'd share this here as using Android w/o Google Play and
>> its accompanying services (othe rGoogle Apps including account services,
>> Addressbook sync + calendar) seems to be an important dependency when
>> wanting to leave such ecosystem.
> It is currently on out Tasks list to write and integrate good
> replacements for Carddav and Caldav, given that there is already
> server-side free software available.
> If someone could get their hands dirty there and get the job done, it'd
> be one thing less to worry about. It's probably not very hard as they
> must already be reliable java libraries to do the core work.
You may want to look at the native Kolab sync tool:

I don't know if it's generic enough to connect to any cardav/caldav
server, I suppose it would be. If I was working on this urgently, that
is where my focus would be.


Fabián Rodríguez

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