KF and compile for X86

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at paulk.fr
Fri Oct 25 16:58:10 UTC 2013

Le lundi 14 octobre 2013 à 16:14 -0700, Jonathan Petruska a écrit :
> I am wondering if anyone has contacted amazon for KF support, you may
> not get a possitive answer but it is worth a try.  Also, would an X86
> port be possible.  it may be a better base for my Lindroid.  (Android
> with GCC, binutils and native X11 support

We don't usually contact companies when we work on supporting their
devices as they should have released the kernel source code already, and
they are likely not going to provide anything more, so it'd be a pure
waste of time (I've tried countless times to get documentation and
source code from Samsung on various topics and failed most of the time).

I have looked at the Kindle Fire, and the first generation seems like a
good potential target for the future. The other generations have a
signed kernel, which makes it impossible to run a free system on them. I
know there are workarounds that are used in CyanogenMod, but they are
not good enough for Replicant since they rely on packing a non-free
binary along with the kernel image.

As for x86: we only target arm devices so far, mostly phones and
tablets, maybe single board computers in the future, but that's probably
going to be as far as it gets. I have no particular interest in working
on x86 and there is already Android-x86 which is probably the second
Android systems that comes closest to fully free. It even uses mesa and
DRM, which brings awesome speed with free drivers on x86. They likely
distribute the non-free Linux kernel firmwares though.

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