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On 10/25/2013 03:53 PM, Alan Shea Anderson-Priddy wrote:
> On 10/25/2013 09:34 AM, Andres wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I came across this some time ago, seems pretty dangerous if it works
>> I did not find any reference of open hardware or software just
>> convinience of vendor lock in with a twist.
>> 3 days left, is it worth challenging them to make an open enviorment?
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> In the video they said "open" as in reliability, but they did not say
> "free" as in freedom. It seems like the emphasis is on making the
> hardware easier to maintain/update and making it less disposable.
> Personally, I think that's great. Even if the core philosophy is only
> open source instead of free hardware, there's nothing stopping the
> software from being free software.

That's not going to happen (at least not anytime soon). Prolly never
will happen w/Apple either.

We should count our lucky stars that we've *finally* reached a point
where the vendor lock-in insanity has ceased and most phones accept USB

The notion just makes perfect sense, but is contrary to the laws of
planned obsolescence, and is therefore the reason why mfgrs aren't going
to be keen on adopting such a sane and sound approach obo the consumer.

Wny mfgr upgrades to camera components, or cpu components, or radio
components for 20 or 50 bucks a pop when they can ding you for 500 bucks
a pop every 1.5yrs or so?

This was a major point of contention between the Woz and that asshole
Jobs - who didn't want *ANY* expansion ports in the early Apple
Computers - Woz went ahead and did it anyway, completely disregarding
what Jobs was emphatically opposed to, I think completely prepared for
their business relationship to disolve - Woz was right, and the Apple
sold because of, not despite, this feature. Hobbyists and 3rd party
mfgrs jumped in head first and an industry was born.

Sadly, there's just too many Jobses out there and not enough Wozes ;)

We can keep hoping though, can't we? Think Raspberry Pi, right? :)

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