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Thu Nov 21 17:37:35 UTC 2013

can i run replicant in virtualbox, and convince the internet i'm running
android ?
On Nov 21, 2013 5:30 AM, "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at>

> Hi all,
> we have now set up our own variant for the GTA04 which is based on
> our 3.12 kernel. There is a branch (replicant4) of the kernel sources which
> has some different config and patches for e.g. the adb gadget driver.
> And, we have built a single-partition image so that an SD card can be more
> easily booted using the existing boot loader in NAND flash and can even
> be swapped between different device variants.
> The project is here:
> BR,
> Nikolaus Schaller
> PS: I am compiling this on a Darwin 10.8 (= OSX 10.6.8) based host which
> needs some minor tweaks and tricks to work around gcc and include path
> incompatibilities but does not need to touch the sources. If anyone is
> interested, there is a 'mrep' script mentioned on the project page.
> PPS: compiling a 3.12 kernel needs a more modern ARM cross-toolchain
> than the one provided by Replicant 4.0, but that can easily be supplied to
> the make command.
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