Neo900 can it fully support repicant?

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Thu Feb 20 08:35:53 UTC 2014

Am 19.02.2014 um 23:22 schrieb Andres:

> Hi, their web page claims it will support replicant and they mention wifi cards that have free drivers.
> But I don't have the know to question this. I had a look through replicant mailing lists and can't find a mention.
> The way I understand it you can either buy the new phone if it comes out or buy some spare parts (again if they manage it) and retro fit them in your n900.

1. The Neo900 is using spare parts from the existing N900
2. there will be the offer to either upgrade a N900 that you already have or to get one upgraded by the Neo900 project
3. the WiFi chip is not finally decided but in favor is some Texas Instruments TiWi module. A free driver exists.
4. but as usual with almost all modern WiFi chips they need a binary BLOB to be installed on the chip by the free driver.
5. this can not be provided by Replicant - but it is at the user's decision to install it if he accepts to use WiFi with this single non-free BLOB or not to use WFi at all.
6. The Neo900 will be based on the GTA04 design and the currently most recent version in development is Replicant 4.2. It needs some more fixes but starts to look good.
7. So at the time the Neo900 is planned to be finished, a Replicant 4.2 will be available or very easy to be adapted

Hope this helps,
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