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As I know, in every processor architecture, there is some interrupt
(signal) handlers, that will execute whenever an interrupt occurred (like
whenever a system clock interrupt occurred). It is possible to override
every interrupt handlers and operating system must override all of them to
catch interrupts/signals/exceptions generated from running processes.

On 22 February 2014 19:32, Paul Kocialkowski <paulk at paulk.fr> wrote:

> Le samedi 22 février 2014 à 11:44 +0200, dimonik, dimonik a écrit :
> > Can boot loader contain some spying SW ?
> This is kinda hard to say. I've heard that on x86, it is possible that
> the BIOS keeps executing code even after it started the system, so
> perhaps something like that can happen too.
> The bootloader would then have access to all the hardware and could then
> use it spy.
> My personal belief is that this is unlikely and that the bootloader
> doesn't have any code left running at all once it loaded the system.
> Since it only runs for a very short period of time and doesn't have any
> internet access at this point, it is harmless for privacy (even though
> it is a problem for software freedom).
> It could however access and change the stored software, or alter the
> kernel in ram before executing it. That would lead to more serious
> consequences.
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