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I am very interested in replicant and considering to buy a Samsung tablet
(or any ported device) to be able to do experiments.

In the meantime, I am researching on a subject.

I want to be able to boot from an external storage, e.g. microsd or

Since now, I experimented with Nook Color/Tablet and cheap Chinese A13
devices, which have such functionality. However no widespread devices, like
samsung etc..

After examining Replicant wiki/documentation/maillist I have a positive
feeling on this.

In summary, I fantasize the following setup:

1. We have a widespread piece of hardware.
2. We prepare a Replicant microsd card for that specific hardware.
3. We, somehow, modify the device's internal memory, so that we can choose
to boot either the original/almost intact vendor-provided android from
internal memory, or free and customized Replicant from microsd.
4. Switching method is flexible, however a wise solution would not require
any ADB or another-flashing-microsd setup.

I know this is a fantasy but it allows to dual-boot without much modifying
the original firmwares.

Depending on the 3rd step, it could easily pawe the road for
not-so-experienced-users who want to have an almost-free tablet without
risking much. Even more, it allows multiple setups for a single device,
which some of them wait in the pocket in spare microsds, while some running
in the device.

Sorry for a long e-mail. I've been researching on this for a long time
(long before hearing Replicant) but today I consider Replicant as the only
candidate for such a solution.

Thank you.
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