Reverse or Creation?

dimonik, dimonik dimonik at
Thu Mar 6 07:48:00 UTC 2014

Thus, currently we have a lot of weak points:

1) Boot loader
2) Baseband processor
3) BLOB drivers

all this remains out of our control on every device we use!

Than, let me ask - wouldn't it be better to design a NEW system from
scratch instead of spending years on reverse-engineering of what
manufacturers are selling?

There are a cool stuff to work with, like DE2-115 development board, with
which one may design & debug some OpenRISC system + some existing OS.

And there is no real need in BIG SW like Linux, look at Oberon Project ( - it is
well designed, has a lot of features and very minimal & compact.

Personally i chose not to spend time on reverse stuff. Concentrated all my
power on research for new design.
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