Reverse or Creation?

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I am not an expert, but...

We have an urge to follow the off-the-shelf shiny products. Replicant aims
to free those shiny products at relevant levels.

I think I saw some completely-free projects or related proposals.

However, if industry do not follow you, and probably they won't as they are
like titanic near a row-boat when compared to other communities, then it
will not be common.

I recall an initiative by Debian community, about raising funds for a
tablet to be designed openly and manufactured in China, and running Debian.
However, I do not think they managed (or at the level they aimed.)

Furthermore, GSM operators probably will not like the idea of free baseband

For further information and other communities,


On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 8:48 AM, dimonik, dimonik <dimonik at> wrote:

> Thus, currently we have a lot of weak points:
> 1) Boot loader
> 2) Baseband processor
> 3) BLOB drivers
> all this remains out of our control on every device we use!
> Than, let me ask - wouldn't it be better to design a NEW system from
> scratch instead of spending years on reverse-engineering of what
> manufacturers are selling?
> There are a cool stuff to work with, like DE2-115 development board, with
> which one may design & debug some OpenRISC system + some existing OS.
> And there is no real need in BIG SW like Linux, look at Oberon Project (
> - it is
> well designed, has a lot of features and very minimal & compact.
> Personally i chose not to spend time on reverse stuff. Concentrated all my
> power on research for new design.
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