[Replicant] german network provider banning replicant?

Alberts, Cyril calberts at afu.de
Sat Mar 15 20:38:24 UTC 2014


It's my first time, writing to a mailing list, don't get angry if I'm not following well known rules:-)

I have a strange Problem since yesterday, when I placed my 
telephone-card from a german-based network operator (1&1 i.e. 
Vodafone) in an older Iphone, only to help a friend getting it run 
without installing itunes. Since I made this Replicant is in the 
fly-mode and wont get back cellphone network, neither with a reset nor 
with a wipe after installing cm 10.2 followed by the new replicant zip 
(with and without wipe) while cm 10.2 runs with no problems. In the 
media I read the information that replicant did find a backdoor-like 
software component on Samsung Smartphones and my is a galaxysmtd. 
Question: Is my provider forcing me to use a software with backdoor and 
if not not getting access to its cellullar network? Is this possible? 
Til that day of short moving the card into this iphone everything went 
well, since that moment I'm no more able to receive or make calls.

greetings and a big thank you for your great work!


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