Reverse or Creation?

Sébastien Roy sebastien.roy at
Wed Mar 19 16:01:11 UTC 2014

> Sébastien Roy wrote: "IMO, this is not the free-software's battle. It
> is a global social battle."
> Free Software concept is already a part of whole humanity social
> battle.

I think it plays a role but not at the forefront. Neither will I say
it's minor. One of the issues with free software is the appeal from
so-called "libertarian" (BSD anyone) approach to freedom as a whole
and free software as a subset of human freedom. But yeah, absolutely!
> We have creative people and we have exploiters, who don't care of
> anything but money. The creative are rare and in minority. But we
> need to change this order, at least try. That's what we did here in
> Ukraine's Maidan.

I disagree with you saying that creative people are in the minority
and I also disagree with the split between being creative and exploitative.
What I will admit is rare is creative people courageous enough to rise and
fight back. I wish you guys luck and courage in your current battles. You
will need both!

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