[PATCH] hayes-ril: rename LOGD/E macros to ALOGD/E

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Apr 12 17:43:38 UTC 2014

Am 12.04.2014 um 17:23 schrieb Paul Kocialkowski:

> I understand the necessity for this, though I want master to work on any
> Replicant version, so this won't do.
> I think the best way to do it is what I did on Samsung-RIL:
> https://gitorious.org/replicant/hardware_ril_samsung-ril/commit/c8408cd2c116b0b99a399282032b6607a1318b84
> Note that I'm not going to work on Hayes-RIL for some time, because I
> want to focus on other things first. Hayes-RIL perhaps needs some rework
> and is far from complete to this day. I'm basically working on rewriting
> Samsung-RIL (since a few months already) and I'll probably use some of
> the new concepts introduced there in Hayes-RIL.
> In the future, I'll need Hayes-RIL to work for many different devices:
> * GTA04
> * Allwinner tablets, that also have option modems apparently
> * XMM626 that uses AT (every XMM626 except the ones on Samsung devices)

maybe we should add Neo900 and Pyra handheld. They will use the Gemalto/Cinterion PHS8 modules. But generally the command set of the GTM601 and PHS8 are quite similar. Details differ in command and paramter naming and format of the responses. The main difference in Linux is that there is a HSO driver for the OPTION modules which already does multiplexing of the multiple tty channels and presents the PPP port as a normal network interface. For the PHS8 we have to do that separately and run a PPP daemon.

BTW: I had asked a while ago about a RIL for the OPTION modem - they said it exists but we can buy a binary blob at a four to five digit amount. I.e. that is not likely that we want it.


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