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> exiting news:
Well that's not really news, word was out about the novena more than a
year ago on Bunnie's blog and the funding campaign took place months ago
and was a huge success.

> What do you think?

The Novena is great, it's the closest thing to fully free that we
probably can have as of today. There will perhaps be some work to do on
the SDMA scripts and the VPU engine (it needs a non-free firmware and
the userspace code is currently non-free). Regarding graphics
acceleration, one of the stretch goals is to write a free graphics
stack, and it was completed, so we can hope to see this become a reality
over the course of the year.

Note that there are other i.MX6 devices, that are similar to the Novena
(but usually not as good, as they use Wi-Fi chips that require
proprietary firmwares) such as the CuBox-i.

> Is this a good potential target for Replicant?

I don't see the point of porting Replicant to that kind of device.
Android seems a bit counter-productive for devices with a full-blown
keyboard and screen. Replicant only targets mobile devices, that I would
define as battery-powered devices with a touchscreen as main input.
On there other hand, there is still no fully free GNU/Linux distribution
that could run on the Novena…

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution

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