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Fri Aug 8 15:25:29 UTC 2014

> "SDMA scripts" - ? ( type of DMA specific to Xilinx's Multi-Port
> Memory Controller?)

Correct. As far as I understood, that's the DMA engine inside the i.MX6.
It can be given binary scripts to speed up or adapt the operations. I
was told these are not mandatory though.
> "VPU engine" - ? ( Video Processing Unit?)
Yes, that's the hardware video encoding/decoding chip.
> And you said:
> "there is still no fully free GNU/Linux distribution
> that could run on the Novena…"

> What do you mean? Debian is not enough libre? E.g. Novena should run
> gNewSense?

Debian is not a fully free GNU/Linux distribution:

gNewSense doesn't have ARM support as far as I know.
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