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Le samedi 04 octobre 2014 à 22:55 +0200, Philippe Coval a écrit :
> On 10/04/2014 12:48 AM, Paul Kocialkowski wrote:
> > 
> >> I see from your roadmap posting
> >> (
> >that you are switching your focus onto Allwinner Sunxi devices.
> >>
> > I am indeed. I have already pushed support for multiple tablets at
> > linux-sunxi.
> > 
> >> I would just like to introduce you to Leon Anavi and Philippe Coval
> >> (AKA RzR), who you may or may not already know.
> Yes I know you guys,
> we  event talked a couple of time on IRC about  GPS unit of RD210 ...
> unsure there are some progress about opensource GPS support on Replicant
> yet ... that is something tough to support

I suppose we are talking about either the BCM4751 or GSD4t chips, which
are both non-trivial to support. There have been a few attempts at
figuring those out, but nothing really conclusive.
Personally, I have given up on those, at least until I am more aware of
the inner workings of GPS.

> >>>   They have been
> >> working on tizen-sunxi and I'm sure that you have many, many common
> >> aims.
> but we use mainline kernel

That's nice, I was told recently that sunxi support in mainline is about
good enough for a headless setup. Now I guess that display support (even
with no graphics acceleration) is one of the most important things for a
mobile operating system ;)

> > I'm not sure how much of an alternative Tizen represents in comparison
> > to Android today, but many believe that it will become tomorrow's
> > privileged choice for a free software mobile operating system. 
> Well the development model is a difference to spot too

Well, Android's development model has been heavily criticized, though
it's fine with me as long as it helps making a fully free system.
Perhaps a more community-oriented development model would suit us
better, but at this point, I really don't have such specific
requirements. As long as it provides at shot at making a free mobile
system, it's worth a shot.

> > My
> > opinion is that Android is still the easiest way to achieve that goal,
> > and things may change in the near future.
> You mean It will became less easier ?

Well, there are some growing concerns regarding Android, especially the
fact that Google is dropping development of the core system apps in
favor of their proprietary alternatives (see

In addition to that, Android's heavy and increasing dependency on
graphics acceleration makes it harder for us to get it running with a
software-only stack every time (the one that was originally designed for
the Android emulator).

Perhaps at some point, Tizen will provide more features and make it
easier to be made fully free. The current limiting factor of Tizen would
be the amount of supported devices and the amount of developers. Both of
these are crazy figures when it comes to Android, which is a clear

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution

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