Please review - patch against unnecessary battery draining

Moritz Bandemer replicant at
Mon Mar 30 15:07:08 UTC 2015

I've merged the patch from here: to 
the Replicant sources and successfully recompiled Replicant after that. 
I've analyzed my device one day without the patch:
and one other day, trying to use the device mostly the same as in the 
first test, (same minutes in voice calls, same nightly flight mode, same 
way [with the train] and so on):

So I don't really know. IMHO the patch has merit, but sadly I can't 
offer a benchmark which shows that you save 50% of battery power at one 
Probably this patch has more effect on devices with more 
[directly|indirectly] installed app widgets...

I just can say, that everything works great after the patch. Tested 
several weeks on my productive device.

Ticket reference (Bug #1245):
Please review the patch attached and apply it, if you like.
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