A crowdfunding campaign to build a free baseband

Spacefalcon the Outlaw falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Thu Apr 16 20:33:18 UTC 2015

wonderphone at posteo.de wrote:

> Hi Spacefalcon,
> Have you ever contacted Nikolaus Schaller on the openphoenux mailing 
> list?

Unfortunately he and I are not on speaking terms. :-(

> He is an able phone hardware engineer and can probably help with a 
> board for the chips

I very highly doubt that he would be willing to get involved in a
project building a free baseband, as he chose to side with the tyrants
who declare such things to be illegal under their tyrannical laws,
laws which I protest by breaking them.

Because he chose to be an obedient servant of his local tyrant who
prohibits free basebands, such freedom is off-limits for him, and he
only uses 100% closed and proprietary off-the-shelf modem modules

> or maybe even information on the circuits of the 
> OpenMoko board.

I am very certain that he does not have anything more in terms of
Openmoko stuff than what I have archived on my public FTP site, and
I/we already found everything we need:



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