A crowdfunding campaign to build a free baseband

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Apr 17 06:48:21 UTC 2015

Am 17.04.2015 um 07:51 schrieb MACANAS VALVERDE, PEDRO ANTONIO <pedroa.macanas at carm.es>:

> Good morning.
> This crowdfunding idea is vital for the LibrePhone movement. 
> What about put an announcement in an University, contact a company o directly as to the FSF / Free Hardware Foundation?.
> Regards.
> Peter.
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> wonderphone at posteo.de wrote:
>> Hi Spacefalcon,
>> Have you ever contacted Nikolaus Schaller on the openphoenux mailing
>> list?
> Unfortunately he and I are not on speaking terms. :-(
>> He is an able phone hardware engineer and can probably help with a
>> board for the chips
> I very highly doubt that he would be willing to get involved in a
> project building a free baseband, as he chose to side with the tyrants
> who declare such things to be illegal under their tyrannical laws,
> laws which I protest by breaking them.

It is only one (tyrannic?) law you break: you shall not steal.

> Because he chose to be an obedient servant of his local tyrant who
> prohibits free basebands,

There is no local tyrant (law) that directly prohibits free basebands.

Just a lot of expensive procedures to get your own design done and certified.

And even if there is a law that prohibits some detail, there is a well
known procedure to change laws. Yes, it might need much more time
than our lifespan to get something changed. And it will need to intensively
involve yourself in political work, but it is not forbidden by a tyrant to
do that.

> such freedom is off-limits for him, and he
> only uses 100% closed and proprietary off-the-shelf modem modules
> instead.

Obviously, pre-certified modules are cheaper than:
0. forming an organisation (foundation?) that can handle steps 1-6
1. becoming member of 3GPP
2. building your own chips or licensing their documentation
3. building hardware
4. developing your own software stack code from scratch (or using already existing GPL code)
5. paying licence fees for IPRs
6. and finally getting it FCC and operator certified

It is not magic or forbidden. It is just very difficult and much more expensive than
your approach.

Therefore it is not enough reason for me to break social rules which I believe that they
are necessary for society to work.

It is like GPL. It uses the existing "tyrannic“ rules in a clever way, without breaking them.

>> or maybe even information on the circuits of the
>> OpenMoko board.
> I am very certain that he does not have anything more in terms of
> Openmoko stuff

Indeed. I just have access to a handful of public documents and was not involved in
any internals of the Openmoko company.

Anyways, it was enough information to design the GTA04 board without breaking rules.


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