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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Apr 17 07:57:33 UTC 2015

Am 17.04.2015 um 09:23 schrieb Spacefalcon the Outlaw <falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG>:

> "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:
>> It is only one (tyrannic?) law you break: you shall not steal.
> TI discarded their "intellectual property" into the trash can when
> they completely dissolved the business unit in question into oblivion
> in 2009.  Discarded and abandoned.  I rescued it from the trash
> dumpster and am giving it a new life.  I do not consider such action
> to be stealing;

That is just your PoV. I do not know the PoV of TI.

> if you do, then it is a fundamental disagreement
> between us and any further discussion is pointless.


Well, the most convincing argument you can get is if you ask TI to
formally approve your rescue action and if they agree to your actions taken.

This could give your project a really big push forwards. Maybe you can
use the crowdfunding for that (since you don’t need it for RE of the
GTA02 any more).

> A law that continues to grant copyright to TI under such circumstances
> instead of legally putting the code into the public domain is a
> tyrannical law, and my moral code requires me to protest such bad laws
> by breaking them.

No. It is not tyrannical, it is just a law that you don’t want to accept or want to
invest activities to change.

Please do the political work to get it changed.

Or ask TI for their approval.

I think it is not any law in this world that stops you from taking the necessary
actions. Must be something else I can’t know.

>> It is not magic or forbidden. It is just very difficult and much more expen=
>> sive than
>> your approach.
> Conversely, my approach is many orders of magnitude easier and cheaper,

Well, willfully breaking laws is always cheaper as investing energy, money or
however “efforts” are called to follow or “use” or change the existing laws.

> hence my approach is the rational choice.  And per my code of ethics
> there is absolutely nothing morally wrong with my approach; it simply
> involves a protest in the form of breaking of immoral perpetual
> copyright laws that lack an abandonware public domain clause.

Become a leading member of parliament and do the political work to add an
abandonware clause to the copyright laws. It is possible (although difficult).

>> Therefore it is not enough reason for me to break social rules which I beli=
>> eve that they
>> are necessary for society to work.
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Your society is rotten to the core, and any contribution I can make
> toward its destruction is a good deed in my book.

That is just your PoV but you can’t expect that everyone shares it.

>> It is like GPL. It uses the existing "tyrannic=93 rules in a clever way, wi=
>> thout breaking them.
> I do not copyright/GPL my work, and never will, because I consider it
> morally wrong to do so.  It is morally wrong to seek any kind of
> protection from a tyrant who is in need of overthrowing.
> I extend this moral principle to all areas of my life, not just
> copyright.  I have formally renounced my citizenship and all rights
> associated with it.

But you still take the right to use crowdfunded money which is protected
by the same “tyrant”?

>  My head is a wolf's head.  If any of you were to
> physically attack me on the street, I have NO right to call the police
> for protection, instead I can only defend myself with my own means and
> my own personal weapons.

I admire that you are logically consequent even to that point.

But that does not mean that I feel obliged to support you or your project.
Which was the original question.


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