Using a Replicant device as a GSM gateway

Marko Dimjašević marko at
Sun May 24 23:13:24 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

Lately I've been looking at how to make cheap calls from the US to
Europe (Croatia) where my family and friends are. One option had become
too expensive in the meantime so I've started looking for other options.

What I'm curious about is if it would be possible to have a Replicant
device act as a GSM gateway. The way I imagine it to work is to connect
over SIP from the US to a Replicant device in Croatia, and then the
device would route my call to a GSM network/PSTN.

I am not sure what it'd take to get it running because I don't know much
about telecommunications. I stumbled upon a website that says that one
would need a free software RIL implementation and they make a reference
to Replicant:

Can you tell more about this? Would I need something like Asterisk
running on the device?


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