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> Why you say that Qualcomm is bad for privacy?
I think I have already made statements about this, but I reckon that as
long as we don't have a proper research part of the wiki, that
information is not that easy to grasp.

The problem with Qualcomm devices for privacy/security is that the modem
and CPU are usually on the same chip. In addition, that platform is also
not very good for freedom since its bootloader has to be signed. In
addition, various blobs and firmwares are needed to make the system
work, despite the fact that a few parts work with free software, such as
the GPU.

See http://www.replicant.us/freedom-privacy-security-issues.php for more
information about why those attributes make Qualcomm a bad platform for
privacy/security and freedom.

I've attached the Replicant mailing list to this answer, since other
people maybe ne interested in that answer.

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution running on several
devices, a free software mobile operating system putting the emphasis on
freedom and privacy/security.

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