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Wolfgang Wiedmeyer wreg at wiedmeyer.de
Sun Feb 7 20:32:17 UTC 2016

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli writes:

> Wow, thanks a lot for working on that! I never had time to do it!
> I feel this is really important.

I feel that, too :) 

> How did you do it? You integrated the toolchain builds into the Android
> build system? Or does it rely on debian ARM toolchains?

I updated my initial post with some information about this:

For the kernel, I use the ARM toolchain from Debian. In general, I try
to use as many tools and libraries from Debian as possible. So
e.g. proguard, swig, the ddmlib from the sdk, various java libraries
and other tools are now coming from Debian.
I try to build everything else from source that is not yet in Debian
Jessie. The toolchain related stuff is build from source with a separate
script: https://code.fossencdi.org/vendor_replicant.git/tree/build-toolchain?h=replicant-6.0
That script is only an initial version and needs to be refactored at some
point. The script builds LLVM, GCC for host and arm-linux-androideabi
and Jack/Jill. Additionally, it sets everything up, so you can start a
regular build of Replicant. It's maybe worth a thought to integrate this
as a separate make target into the build system at some point if nearly
everything is figured out.
I also already try to include some stuff into the Android build system. For
example, the relocation packer is integrated, albeit in a hackish way
for now.

> If it's easy enough, I'd like to try a build on a Trisquel container.

Nice, I'd be interested if it works. I use symlinks to link the jar
files from /usr to the source code. So it's possible that Trisquel has
some of them in different locations or they don't exist. At some point a
configure script would be necessary to set everything up for different


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