[Replicant] Android Studio calls for Replicant Studio

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Wed May 25 21:20:37 UTC 2016

On 24/05/16 11:34, David Hedlund wrote:
> Android Studio require Android SDK: "The tools in Google's “software
> development kit” (SDK) appear to be free, but it is hard work to check
> this. The definition files for certain Google APIs are nonfree.
> Installing the SDK requires signing a proprietary software license,
> which you should refuse to sign. Replicant's SDK is a free replacement.
> - https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/Android_Studio
> Is there any Replicant Studio or do you guys plan to make it?
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Just had another look at this ...

'   Historically, building the Android tools required building the full 
Android SDK as well, since for example the emulator needed the system image.

    However, we've been gradually migrating the tools source code over 
to a more independent setup, and you can now build the Android Studio 
IDE without a full Android checkout and without a C compiler etc. The 
instructions for building Android Studio are listed in the Building 
Android Studio page

This is really what I would want too then. As I don't like having to 
download the whole Replicant tree to build the SDK when creating apps ...

[1]: http://tools.android.com/build

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