[Replicant] Nextbit Robin mobile device consideration

auspicious at inventati.org auspicious at inventati.org
Wed Aug 17 20:36:51 UTC 2016

Dear Replicant community,

Would it be possible to consider the Nextbit Robin for adaption in 
regards to support? The company behind is very open minded and 
supportive of development. One such example is that warranty would not 
expire if you device to flash a custom operating system.

The source code of their operating system builds can be found here:

They are working closely with Cyanogen to provide CyanogenMod support 
and the device has CM13 nightlies going. It is a fresh 2016 device from 
a new company brought to life via a Kickstarter initiative. It already 
has a lot of ROM support going. There is also an OmniROM alpha build 
available at the moment.

Even though they provide source code, I am not too certain how much 
freedom is within it as they are most likely limited by agreements and 
contracts with third-party hardware manufacturers. But perhaps 
interested Replicant community members and developers can see if this 
could be the perfect Replicant device?

Hope to hear back from you guys.

Sincerely yours,

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