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Well if you look at it like that it'll be a long long time before you use any smartphone ever. 
HALs are on pretty much every droid ever. I think it is good to get people off relying on Google Play, and LineageOS is the best place to do that. As long as no replicant device has Wi-Fi, it'll always be a hard sell to the casual smarphone user. Its also more likely that they own a device listed by LineageOS than one listed by Replicant. So this person who already has a phone, and wants to free their device, do you them "don't even bother its hopeless" or "you can use this rom its better than what your manufacturer put and has no Google" 

On 19 July 2017 22:15:50 GMT+03:00, Wolfgang Wiedmeyer <wreg at wiedmeyer.de> wrote:
>Allan Mwenda writes:
>> LineageOS is a suitable replacement to CyanogenMod in the post. It is
>basically the community effort to keep Cyanogenmod "open source" after
>the attempt to close it and monetize it to manufacturers as CyanogenOS.
>> The community CyanogenMod (not to be confused with CyanogenOS that is
>highly proprietary) is dead and the servers were killed by Cyngn Inc
>(so much for loving open source) It is important to also remind users
>not to flash the suggested Gapps package that Lineage suggests. This is
>the package that adds Google apps/Playstore. Without it, Lineage is
>acceptably free, bar the usual loading proprietary firmware. 
>It's not only proprietary firmware. LineageOS includes non-free
>Abstraction Layers (HALs) that run in user-space. They add a non-free
>layer between Android and the kernel. Depending on the device, they can
>cover almost every aspect of the hardware because there aren't yet free
>HAL implementations for that hardware.
>Furthermore, the hardware repositories contain code with non-free
>licenses. So even if it appears that code is available for a certain
>hardware, it still may have a non-free license.
>And there may be more non-free code. For example, the unrar tool is
>included which has a non-free license. It is nice that LineageOS
>use the proprietary Play library anymore that was used by CyanogenMod,
>but that alone doesn't make it suddenly acceptably free.
>Best regards,
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>>>Today's Topics:
>>>   1. Volunteers Needed to help Update FSFE's "Liberate your
>>>      device" page (Kurtis Hanna)
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>>>Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2017 16:52:00 +0000
>>>From: Kurtis Hanna <kurtis at riseup.net>
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>>>Subject: [Replicant] Volunteers Needed to help Update FSFE's
>>>	your	device" page
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>>>If you are able and willing, please coordinate with Max to help
>>>these two pages related to FSFE's "Liberate your device" campaign:
>>>The information about Replicant, LineageOS, and various F-Droid apps
>>>need to be evaluated and updated.
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>>>Subject: Re: "Liberate your device" page
>>>Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2017 14:50:35 +0000
>>>From: Max Mehl <max.mehl at fsfe.org>
>>>To: android at lists.fsfe.org
>>>Hi all,
>>># Marcos Marado [2017-01-22 19:24 +0100]:
>>>> At least at https://fsfe.org/campaigns/android/liberate.en.html we
>>>> have references to CyanogenMod.
>>>> As you might know, the CyanogenMod project died, but a fork has
>>>> from its ashes[1], in the form of Lineage OS.
>>>> For our purposes, there are no distinctive differences between CM
>>>> So, I'd suggest that the liberate page in particularly should be
>>>> revised to change CM references do Lineage, update the logo and the
>>>> links, and also pay attention to the wiki[2].
>>>Some months passed and LineageOS proofed to be a sustainable
>>>of CyanogenMod. So I think it's time to tackle an update of the FYA
>>>I'd be happy to help but I don't feel confident to evaluate LineageOS
>>>from the Free Software perspective. Also I'm sure that many other
>>>and details have changed on
>>>Would someone here volunteer to create an updated version of the text
>>>which we can discuss on this list afterwards? Don't care about the
>>>source code at first, that's something where I can help with as soon
>>>we finished the text.
>>>If wanted, I can provide collaboration tools like a Kan Board or
>>>Max Mehl - Free Software Foundation Europe - Program Manager
>>>Contact and further information: https://fsfe.org/about/mehl
>>>Private weblog: (blog.mehl.mx) | Private homepage: (mehl.mx)
>>>Support advocacy for Free Software:  https://fsfe.org/donate
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