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Thu Jul 20 19:37:39 UTC 2017

That was not my aim at all, i contribute to replicant, but I'm also well aware of its shortcomings. The original message was if LineageOS can replace CyanogenMod on the FSFE page. Yes. Hell yes. Should they add the Galaxy S2 with Dongle? Hell yes too. But not everyone is keen to go this far, especially when all they wanted to do was liberate their current device (the topic of that fsfe page) 

On 20 July 2017 14:57:31 GMT+03:00, Nick <replicant at njw.me.uk> wrote:
>Quoth Allan Mwenda:
>> Well if you look at it like that it'll be a long long time before you
>use any smartphone ever. 
>Most of us on this list probably do use replicant on our 
>smartphones, so that's clearly not the case.
>> HALs are on pretty much every droid ever. I think it is good to get
>people off relying on Google Play, and LineageOS is the best place to
>do that. As long as no replicant device has Wi-Fi, it'll always be a
>hard sell to the casual smarphone user. Its also more likely that they
>own a device listed by LineageOS than one listed by Replicant. So this
>person who already has a phone, and wants to free their device, do you
>them "don't even bother its hopeless" or "you can use this rom its
>better than what your manufacturer put and has no Google" 
>Replicant + wifi firmware is still quite a bit better than LineageOS 
>in terms of freedom, as Wolfgang illustrated well.
>I fully agree that LineageOS is much better than the stock OS on 
>most (all?) Android phones, and yes, recommending it as better is 
>reasonable to me, but "or you could get one of the phones supported 
>by replicant and have a lot less proprietary software than even 
>LineageOS" is still a legitimate thing to say.
>Anyway, thanks for writing to the Replicant list, but I suspect if 
>you're aiming to convince the people here that their work is 
>pointless when LineageOS exists you'll have a tough time ;)

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