[Replicant] Galaxy S3 not booting

Joonas Kylmälä joonas.kylmala at iki.fi
Tue Oct 24 20:50:00 UTC 2017

Wolfgang Wiedmeyer:
> To add a little to what Denis already wrote: Make sure you have a
> USB-to-UART converter that has a separate VCC pin and don't connect
> it. Unfortunately, I don't really remember what resistor level I used at
> the end to make it work with i9300 and I regret not documenting it. You
> could try 619k and 523k. AFAIR I had the best results with one of
> those.

I got the serial console finally working with the legacy kernel (and on
i9305)! Both 619k and 523k resistor levels work but in order to get the
serial output you have to either:

a) switch to the other resistance level after the device has booted,
e.g. from 619k to 523k

b) boot the device with the power button instead of the device booting
by itself (that happens when you have either 519k or 619k resistor)

The easiest solution for me was to get a switch that can toggle between
619k and 523k levels because trying to boot with the power button method
turned out to be quite hard (or probably I just don't now the right

To get the kernel output I had then to enable the earlyprintk config.

I spent also quite some time trying to get the mainline kernel print
even "Uncompressing Linux..." but with no luck. I'm building the
mainline kernel with the compiler provided in gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf
Debian package if that could be the problem?

Can I also get permissions to edit the wiki? My username is Putti


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