[Replicant] Fdroid 1.0.1 with privileged extension causes crashes

Fil fil.bergamo at riseup.net
Tue Nov 14 20:30:32 UTC 2017


On 14/11/2017 10:02, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> Hi all.  As far as I understand, the problem is a genuine Replicant ROM
> bug that needs to be fixed. 
I think we have no element to say that.
That's not to say it isn't. But we need more clues (dmesg and logcat
mainly) to determine where the issue lays.

>  The problematic DAVDroid version appears
> to have been removed from fdroid so everything works fine now. 
Could be a clue that the problem was in the app itself.
> Yesterday I upgraded the app 'Call Recorder', and experience something
> similar to the DAVdroid boot-loop issue.  With the new Call Recorder
> app, replicant crashed and on startup 'Trebuchet crashed' just keeps
> looping and the background icon page just comes and goes.  Removing the
> app resolves the issue.  Does anyone else see this?  Is this the same
> ROM bug or something else?
Again, it would be useful to have dmesg and logcat logs to get hints as
to where the crashes come from.
>   It seems that whatever problem there is
> with the DAVDroid/CallRecorder-apps, it should not be possible for an
> app to cause these kind of problems with the phone.
I don't know about those apps, but if an application has root access
there's very little (almost nothing) an operating system can do to
prevent damage (be it accidental or malicious).
That's one of the main reasons root access is locked by default on most
(all?) phones on the market.

Please - if you feel like and if you can - collect some logs about those
crashes, so that we can have a look and try to determine if it's a
Replicant project or not.
If you need guidance doing so, you can email me in private or ask on the



> /Simon


> mån 2017-11-06 klockan 09:27 +0100 skrev Simon Josefsson:
>> lör 2017-11-04 klockan 12:09 +0100 skrev maurice at prtrc.net:
>>> Hi Simon
>>>> I am running Replicant 6.0 0002 on an i9300 and it has been
>>>> working
>>>> fine.  It came with fdroid privileged extension pre-
>>>> installed.  It
>>>> hasn't been possible to upgrade it because it was signed with a
>>>> different key, so I have been using the version that came with
>>>> 6.0
>>>> 0002.
>>>> After upgrading fdroid to 1.0.1, replicant crashes on installing
>>>> an
>>>> app
>>>> through fdroid.  Replicant doesn't come up again, and just keeps
>>>> looping on startup (boot logo, adb works).  After a factory reset
>>>> I
>>>> reproduced this (stock 0002 image, upgrade fdroid, install any
>>>> app
>>>> ->
>>>> crash), so it seems like a geniune bug.
>>>> After another factory reset, I upgraded fdroid to 1.0.1 and
>>>> disabled
>>>> use of the privileged extension and installing apps works fine
>>>> and
>>>> doesn't cause replicant crashes.
>>>> 1) Can anyone reproduce this?
>>> I can reproduce the crashing and looping, but for me it doesn't
>>> work
>>> with factory reset and disabling the privileged extension to
>>> install
>>> apps without crashing and looping again.
>> The privileged extension was a red herring -- the culprit is apps
>> aapt2-built apk's.  The DAVDroid 1.9.1 app in fdroid triggers
>> this.  On
>> my tests above I didn't try to install DAVDroid, only some other
>> apps.
>> See more here:
>> https://forums.bitfire.at/topic/1603/replicant-lineage-1-9-1-causing-
>> in
>> stant-crash-and-bootloops
>> Indeed the way to recover from the bootloop is to (re)move the
>> /data/app/*davdroid* directory.  Then your phone can boot and you can
>> revert back to davdroid 1.9 or (presumably) wait for 1.9.2.
>> Hopefully replicant 6 0003 can be released to fix the OS bug too?!  I
>> believe Wolfgang found a patch to fix this.
>> /Simon
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