[Replicant] Calendar and address book syncing without google. Not working.

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Mon Nov 20 08:24:55 UTC 2017

Hi.  DAVDroid has worked really stable for me several years now.  Are
you sure you gave it permission to calendar/contacts?  Sometimes on re-
install I forget this because it doesn't ask for it directly.  If you
get crashes, I would suspect that something is wrong with your phone --
DAVDroid nor Replicant rarely crashes for me, and when it does it is
usually reproducible.  Can you test with another phone maybe?

Not sure this helps, but wanted to reply so you don't feel like you are
on your own on this :)


fre 2017-11-17 klockan 21:59 -0500 skrev A. F. Cano:
> While not strictly a Replicant issue (I installed Cyanogenmod way
> back
> then as Replicant wasn't installable on this phone) I try to stay as
> close to the spirit of Replicant as possible.  Thus, nothing Google
> on
> this phone.  I got the apps (other than the default ones) from F-
> droid.org.
> I did post a detailed report to the DAVdroid forum that can be found
> here:
> https://forums.bitfire.at/topic/1625/no-calendar-and-no-contacts-afte
> r-sync-with-radicale-server
> but got absolutely no response.
> I hope the people here might have some insights.  The relevant apps
> are
> "Calendar" and "People" as they came with Cyanogenmod, and "Tasks" as
> obtained from F-droid.org.  The latter is the only one that
> works.  The
> to-do list shows up properly and is synchronized from the Radicale
> server.
> The Calendar and Contacts/Address book show nothing.  It seems to me
> that
> this is a DAVdroid issue, but the deafening silence from that forum
> is
> really discouraging.  Calendar storage and Contacts storage both
> exist and
> are running.  The Radicale server works fine with
> KOrganizer/Kaddressbook
> so I doubt it's a server issue.
> The server: Radicale 1.1.1+20160118-4 as it comes with the freedombox
> (testing
> version.)
> The android side: Samsung galaxy S (SGH-T959 aka Vibrant) running
> Cyanogenmod
> 10.1-20140217 vibrantmtd, Android 4.2.2, kernel 3.0.86 Feb 16,
> 2014.  I think
> this is the latest version available for this phone.  Calendar build
> 4.2.2-5f0d87f6af.  Contacts build 4.2.2-5f0d87f6af.
> Detailed description of the problem is in the DAVdroid forum post
> above.
> I did notice there a post indicating crashes under Replicant, so I
> downgraded
> to DAVdroid 1.9.  The crashes went away but I still get:
> [syncadapter.SyncManager] Couldn't access local storage
> Does anyone know what might be causing this?  Any workaround or
> solution?
> Any other apps available other than DAVdroid to do calDAV and
> cardDAV? I
> couldn't find anything that seemed relevant on f-droid.
> CalDAV sync adapter is present and running.
> Finally, has anyone tried to run the current Replicant (6) on this
> phone?
> Upgrading to Replicant 6 would be a major deal and given that it took
> me
> weeks to get CM working and configured I would only attempt this if I
> have
> some confidence that it will work.
> Thanks.
> Augustine
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