[Replicant] Replicant on Nexus One

Kurtis Hanna kurtis at riseup.net
Tue Jan 23 01:02:00 UTC 2018

Hi Denis,

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli:
> On Sun, 14 Jan 2018 20:12:22 +0000
> Isocrates <sophoclestechnologies at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
> Hi,
>> I have a Nexus One on which I would like to install Replicant. The
>> wiki states that the status of this device is unmaintained,


> I doubt that it is worth your time as this device has huge freedom,
> privacy and security, and maintainability issues:


> - If my memory is correct, on this device the modem (which runs only
>   nonfree software) controls the microphone and the GPS. Having
>   nonfree software in control of the microphone is way too invasive.

This issue came up on the Replicant IRC recently. Here's a truncated
version of the conversation:

> Jeremy_Rand[m]: [...] most dumbphones haven't been audited
> for the ability of the carrier to remotely turn on the microphone, and
> we know from court documents that this capability exists on a lot of
> phones.  Most Replicant supported phones have been audited for such
> capability, and found not to have it.

> Jookia: Jeremy_Rand[m]: i don't think they've been audited have they

> Jookia: if you look at the block diagram/schematics of the i9100 you
> can see the microphone is connected to the modem for instance

> Jeremy_Rand[m]: Jookia: is the mic connected to the modem on the S2?
> Wasn't aware of that, link please?  AFAIK the Replicant devs have looked
> at most of the supported phones and discarded any models that obviously
> fail a cursory audit.  The audits definitely aren't as thorough as we'd
> like though.

> Jookia: Jeremy_Rand[m]: https://files.catbox.moe/fnzqss.png see
> Jookia: AUDIO block containing SPEECH_PCM connects directly to the
> codec and ports, bypassing the CPU

> Jookia:
> https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b4/33/db/b433db446415bc7cb2c238c563748556.jpg
> looks like the mic is wired to the modem in the galaxy s3
> Jeremy_Rand[m]: Jookia: out of curiosity, is that modem/mic info
> documented on the Replicant wiki?  Seems like it'd be important to add
> to one of the research pages if not already there

> Jeremy_Rand[m]: Jookia: unfortunately most of the audits I mentioned
> are not publicly documented, it's research that (AFAIK) Paul did, and
> then never completely wrote down publicly.  Or maybe he did and I just
> never noticed them?

I'm curious, does nonfree software (via the modem) control the
microphone on the S2 and S3, or not?

Also, Have these hardware audits for currently supported Replicant
devices been published on Replicant's redmine somewhere? If not, can you
post on the wiki any notes that you took when you did these hardware
audits so that others can reference them?

Are there any legal issues related to us posting the images that Jookia
put in the chat in the wiki?

> Denis.

In Solidarity,

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