[seagrant-dev] BSG Project Update and Weekly Coordination

Carr, Justin Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
Wed Jul 23 22:28:35 UTC 2014

Sea Grant Devs,

I just wanted to touch base with everyone this week since we aren't having our usual coordination meeting.

1.       I have attached the rough script I came up with for installing and configuring the Sencha + Phonegap tool chain on an Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit environment. As we discussed, this "script" is meant to be read for its content and will not behave well if run.

2.       BSG is currently configuring 3 workstations to dual boot into Ubuntu for future collaboration purposes with the OSL.

3.       I am still waiting to hear back from Mark F. regarding our questions about data.

4.       The BSG students and I are working on a mockup application using Sencha Touch to demonstrate what the application's navigation flow could look like for next Wednesday's meeting. The mockup will have the screen elements and behaviors we discussed in the API meeting Ken and I had (with placeholders for complex items such as maps and data) and will likely be used as the front end's foundation for the What's Fresh and Working Waterfronts apps. The mockup itself may not be feature complete as we are still hammering out the details around testing/validation workflow.

a.       It is my hope that having something for the client (and everyone else) to play with this early in the project lifecycle will help inform/confirm our decisions with respect to the API's direction and the interface components. If you think this is not a good idea (demonstrating an incomplete phone app might confuse/annoy the client) please let me know and we will not target the meeting next week.

Justin Carr
Systems Development Engineer - Business Solutions Group
Oregon State University
100 Bexel Hall

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