[seagrant-dev] Monday Backlog Planning Meeting Notes

Carr, Justin Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
Tue Jul 29 15:56:43 UTC 2014

Monday Backlog Planning Meeting 7/28/2014
Admin workflow orientation

  *   Trello + Chili Project + TFS
  *   Task estimates will be done in Story Points, velocity will be done in hours.
     *   1 story point should be roughly equal to 1 hour of work.
Backlog items:

  *   OSL: See OSL Trello board
  *   BSG: Workflow items
     *   CI
     *   Linting
     *   Docs
  *   BSG: Holding off on further app development until workflow items are complete and current mockup direction is validated.
Justin's Action Items:

  *   Make sure to send Michael and Jacob the client documentation on user stories.
  *   Email Mark today (Monday) re: questions below and from last meeting
Questions for Mark:

  *   Do we need to worry about figuring out what's in stock beyond season/vendor presence?
  *   Do we need to talk about fish preparation at the dock? (dried, fillets, shelled/whole)
  *   What is the logic behind when a fish is in season? dates? legal protections? Can this be overridden?

Justin Carr
Systems Development Engineer - Business Solutions Group
Oregon State University
100 Bexel Hall

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