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Sea Grant Devs,

I had a chance to speak with Mark yesterday about the questions we had accumulated:

1.            Ken identified 3 categories that describe the functionality of the What's Fresh app: Products(Fish), Vendors, and Locations.
a.            Is there a category of data that is most important to display when the app is first opened? (What's the first thing a user should see?)

>> Most casual users will want to know location first

b.            Is this category always the most important to the user? (Does navigating the app's data have a default starting point?)

>> No, final answers yet. But location seems like a reasonable default until we know better.

2.            Are there any locations we will need to represent that are outside of major coastal cities?

>> There are major producers in semi-rural/rural locations: Port Stevens, Garibaldi. May need to include additional information to assist users in navigation. All ports will have a valid address w/city information. Flexibility will be important here.

3.            In the Working Waterfronts app, Coos Bay's data will be represented first and then other cities/locations will be added later. Does the What's Fresh app also have a similar rollout plan?

>> Yes, populated by effort, this will likely be ongoing for the next year.

4.            Do you have any sample data that we could look at? If not, would it be possible to create a set of realistic data?

>> Yes, Jamie and Mark will provide that data some time this week.

5.            Do we need to worry about figuring out what's in stock beyond season/vendor presence?

>> Oregon Fish and Wildlife determines fishing seasons but vendors have licenses to operate outside these times. Season has no bearing on inventory availability and is purely there to assist consumers in learning about when they can expect to have the best time finding good deals or catching their own fish.

6.            Do we need to talk about fish preparation at the dock? (dried, fillets, shelled/whole)

>> Fresh, Frozen, Live, Preserved (dried, etc), Canned

7.            What is the logic behind when a fish is in season? dates? legal protections? Can this be overridden?

>> Product availability is not the emphasis wrt inventory availability. This aspect should be open for discussion on Wednesday.

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