[seagrant-dev] Iteration Planning Meeting Schedule and Notes

Carr, Justin Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
Wed Jul 30 21:18:02 UTC 2014

Wednesday Iteration Planning Meeting


*         Prioritize backlog items

Post-Meeting Action Items

*         Justin and Mark, decide on a meeting time to go over mockup application

o   Home screen options/settings - where should they go?

o   Product Detail Screen layout and functions

o   Project administration questions (clarify questions with Carrie and Lance first)

*         Sea Grant Staff, sample data for database team

What's Fresh App - items are in development execution order

*         Home Screen

o   Should be able to view a set of locations or products

o   Handle location data either by accessing device location or by selecting a specific city

o   Meet with Mark re: options (see Action Items)

*         Product Detail Screen

o   Educational data should be embedded throughout; no exploring the data without learning!

o   Organization/design of this screen is still ongoing, see Action Items

*         Vendor Detail Screens

o   We will not render or sort by empty data fields - if a vendor is not associated with a city, they will not appear in a query by city.

o   Ongoing design discussion: Do we need to capture vendor types? (Boat, store, etc)

Working Waterfronts - items are in development execution order

*         Home Screen

o   Same location strategy as What's Fresh

o   Needs to be able to provide driving directions via device's default navigation tool

*         Stops/Points of Interest

o   YouTube links for video content

Scope Discussion
Sea Grant is interested in collecting analytics data on these apps. How can we help make sure they get this data without going over budget?

*         Database access logs

Justin Carr
Systems Development Engineer - Business Solutions Group
Oregon State University
100 Bexel Hall

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