[seagrant-dev] Wednesday Scrum/Coordination Meeting Notes

Carr, Justin Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
Wed Aug 27 19:39:15 UTC 2014

Wednesday Scrum



  *   Stand up
  *   Check on the project's completion date for the contract


  *   How do we populate home screen lists?
     *   Convenience endpoints for populate
     *   Populate cities drop-down by API query to find existing cities.
  *   How do we store/display franchises and organizations?
  *   What role does the education piece play for the user base? How should we go about making it accessible yet unobtrusive?
     *   Currently the plan is to use YouTube links, these will need to be investigated for Sencha interactions (missing content?)
  *   Vendors don't have a way to indicate availability

Questions for Sea Grant:

  *   Data input for vendors: At what point do we validate address data against Google?
     *   Set of default addresses in case of failure?

Action Items:

  *   (Justin) Transfer BSG's Repo ownership to organization
  *   (Ken) Get Mark F. to check on the data input features
  *   (Justin) Ask Carrie about setting up an API call training project
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