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Sea Grant Devs,

I'm forwarding Mark and Jamie's design for the Educational Info section to the mailing list for searchability. If you have questions/comments/etc, let's collect them and get them clarified in IRC before bringing them to Mark and Jamie.

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Subject: Education button data orgainization


Our 4 buttons would be....

Season, Products, Buying, preparing

Below are all of our sketches and thoughts for filling each category.


I)               Tuna Season (& management)

II)              Types of tuna products

III)            Tips on buying

IV)            Tips on Preparing

*       Fun Facts/Education embedded in each section-could correspond with that area, e.g., seasons could be about management and migration, types of products could be about frozen food quality, etc.

Tuna Season

*       When is it in season? Albacore tuna is in season from mid-to-late summer for a few months. This varies each year, depending on when the tuna are offshore (they travel with a warm water current from Japan).

*       Fun Facts/Education embedded in each section

Types of tuna products available

*       Type of Tuna-know your options and what you want to buy:

o   Froze: tuna freezes exceptionally well, so you can also get frozen tuna when it's not "in season".

o   Fresh: off the dock or from a fish market

o   Canned/pouched: there are many different brands of micro-canned tuna and pouches

o   Smoked:

*       Fun Facts/Education embedded in each section

Tips on buying  tuna

*       Tips for buying fresh tuna:  (? Break this out or put under corresponding category above?)

o   If you buy a whole fish, expect to get 50% of it as meat

o   Typically, a whole fish will weigh between 15-25 pounds

o   Something about quality of the meat or questions to ask the fishermen about when they caught it and if they bled it (check with Kaety on this)

o   Bring cash, an ice chest, and a cooler if you plan to buy it off the docks

o   How much tuna do you need to can?  (how many cans of tuna can a 17 lb fish make)?

*       Price- (TBD how to deal with this)

*       Fun Facts/Education embedded in each section

Tips on Preparing

*       Tips on preparing tuna: (? Break this out or put under corresponding category above?)

o   Frozen-something about how/when to defrost

o   Fresh--

o   Canned-

o   Smoked--

*       Fun Facts/Education embedded in each section

Mark Farley
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