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I just wanted to check in with you again regarding acceptance criteria for the What's Fresh and Working Waterfronts projects. Have you had a chance to work through them after our last meeting?

If you have questions or if you're still unsure what should be in this list, please feel free to call and we can go over this in more detail.



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I'm sorry it has taken me so long to follow up with you regarding acceptance criteria for Sea Grant's two mobile apps. The other projects I'm supervising picked up over the past few days and I am still working out how to keep all of these projects in flight.

As you pointed out during the mockup meeting, we have some implicit acceptance criteria for each portion of these projects:

*         What's Fresh

o   API project

?  Data entry CMS needs to allow users to store data on vendors and their inventories in the format we agreed upon in our specification documentation on google docs

?  Data entry tool should be attractive, usable

*         (and have appropriate, Sea-Grant-provided branding?)

o   Mobile app project

?  App should function on Android and on iOS

?  App should have the screens agreed upon in the project backlog (Trello)

*         These screens should work together as is described in our navigation specification documentation on google docs

?  App should be attractive and usable and use Sea-Grant-provided visual assets

*         Working Waterfronts

o   API Project

?  Reuses the Educational Info portions of the What's Fresh project to implement CMS data entry and has very similar acceptance criteria

o   Mobile app project

?  Reuses the Educational Info and location searching portions of the What's Fresh project and has very similar acceptance criteria

This will get us close, but we need you to help us break these down into a more specific, testable set of criteria. For example: the home page will be complete if it allows the user to search all vendors by location and search all products by the locations of their respective vendors. Thus:

1.       Allows the user to search/view all locations on the Oregon Coast

2.       Allows the user to search for both vendors and individual sea food products

3.       Allows the user to sort search results by proximity to the user

4.       Allows the user to search by city

5.       Allows the user to customize the radius the search area to a set of reasonable sizes.

6.       Persists the settings from the previous search upon navigating back to the home screen to allow the user to make tweaks to their previous searches

Having a formalized set of acceptance criteria lets us hone our development plan to include specific behaviors or nuances not yet explicitly captured in our documentation and create more precise estimates for the rest of the project's trajectory. The development teams will be much better equipped to make sure that we are delivering the product you need in a way that respects your budget.

Please feel free to come to me if you would like help formulating what these criteria could look like and feel free to come to anyone at CASS with questions. Thanks again for your time!

Justin Carr
Systems Development Engineer
Oregon State University - CASS: Business Solutions Group

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