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I am also new to the 9-patch PNG format so I’m CC’ing the Sea Grant Developers group in case other project members have more information.

When you say “screen size is preset” that’s mostly true: a given device’s screen hardware cannot change dimensions. However, if a user hasn’t locked their screen orientation, the app will need to be able to resize whatever it’s rendering to display properly in landscape or in portrait mode. Additionally, the Android market has plenty of devices that do not conform to screen sizes that we’ve come to expect (such as smart watches and oddly-shaped tablet computers).

Here’s a great example of how tiDev does a 9-patch PNG splash screen and a brief discussion on how it works:

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to work with you on this process; I know how nerve-wracking it can be to let someone else test your work while you’re not there to talk about it.



From: Allison Walkingshaw [mailto:allison.walkingshaw at gmail.com]
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Hi Justin-

This is Allison Walkingshaw; the graphic designer helping out with the HMSC 'Oregon's Catch' app.

I am hoping you can let me know if I need to make the Android splash screens as a 9 patch PNGs. This format is a new concept to me and all of the reading I have done online uses buttons as examples. It seems to me since the screen size is preset I don't need to worry about stretching it to size?

Allison Walkingshaw
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