[seagrant-dev] Working waterfront backend?

Carr, Justin Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
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Cool! Would it be possible to get Mark a username/password for the Staging version of the project so that he can look around and try entering sample data or is the CMS interface still getting changes merged?


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On 02/10/2015 10:18 AM, Carr, Justin wrote:

As far as finalized, product-release-ready data is concerned, no. Working Waterfront's backend is currently in staging mode, just like What's Fresh/Oregon's Catch was while we entered test data and ensured that the mobile app was able to interface with the API properly. Any data we enter at this point would be lost when we transition the backend to production mode.

As far as test data is concerned (checking that the fields we have made available are of the right type, have the right labels, etc.), the staging environment is almost ready to accept real or real-looking test data. If you have label feedback (As with What's Fresh/Oregon's Catch) that would be super helpful.


Am I representing the state of the Working Waterfronts backend correctly?

Yes, I believe so - the code is basically finished for Working Waterfronts back end, there may be a piece or two we still need to review and merge. Feedback on that will let us get any other minor changes patched up quickly and we can push to production as soon as everyone is happy with the staging code.



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Subject: Working waterfront backend?

Can we start entering data?


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