[seagrant-dev] What's Fresh apk (Oregon's Catch)

Carr, Justin Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
Tue Feb 17 20:38:18 UTC 2015


I think you are correct, the app doesn’t expect that you need to scroll on the Home screen. Enabling scrolling should be a quick fix.

Getting your device’s location data is a more interesting/complicated problem. We have been having trouble with Phonegap’s Geolocation plugin on Android devices – it fires the success callback even if its data is of type null.

Were you able to install the Working Waterfronts app? Did its geolocation features work properly?


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The bottom button is getting cut off. Is this due to my virtual buttons? It might also be related to not expecting needing scrolling on a screen this size.
It's also unable to get my location, despite having location services enabled. I get a nice fancy navy blue Location Error.

This is a Nexus 4, running stock Android 5.0.1.
(Ignore my floating web browser.)
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On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Freeman, Michael <Michael.Freeman at oregonstate.edu<mailto:Michael.Freeman at oregonstate.edu>> wrote:
This version of the app is looking for data from the
api endpoint.

The app has one issue, and it seems to be a device issue, where the video in the educational information screen doesn’t link to Youtube.

Note: The name of the apk is very basic and pertains to one of the build tool, namely Cordova. So while it says CordovaApp-debug.apk, it is the What’s Fresh apk.

Michael Freeman

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