[Student-mentorship-committee] Progress Check and Updates

Carr, Justin - CASS Justin.Carr at oregonstate.edu
Wed Aug 26 22:32:11 UTC 2015

Mentorship Committee and Student Policy Group members,

Two points of business:

1.       We are coming up on the deadline we set for rough student employee agreement outlines; how is everyone doing? I am almost done with SoftDev's outline and I expect to be ready to go next week. If everyone is just about done we can start planning our next meeting so that we can start stitching these ideas together.

2.       I have been informed that we are allowed to use CASS' time/monies in whatever ways we need, but to make sure we are keeping a careful eye on our spending. To help us keep tabs on this, please clock into CASS/MENTORSHIP on Timeclock or use an equivalent time-keeping tool to measure the work you do for this group.

a.       This also means we can now let students use CASS hours to organize/run the student policy group in a more straightforward manner. I will be starting another email thread to hash this out later today.


Justin Carr
Systems Development Engineer
Oregon State University - CASS: Software Development Group

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