[wix-devs] User Self-management Interface

Bob Arnson bob at joyofsetup.com
Sun Feb 9 05:48:29 UTC 2014

On 08-Feb-14 20:10, Blair Murri wrote:
> I'm not sure what the utility of the placement of the "mail me my password" feature is since you had to put your password in to reach that button. That section should be moved to the page where you log into the management page.
You don't have to provide a password to get there. The UX kinda sucks 
even for something that's partying like it's 1999, but you enter your 
address at the "main" screen or, if you skip it there, at the top of the 
"member options" screen. Even though it asks for a password there, if 
you leave it blank and click the Remind button, you'll get mail.


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